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Thank you for visiting FoxCompanionCare.com! Overcrowded, chaotic waiting rooms will be a thing of the past. Now, you and your animal companions will receive stress free, quality care in the comfort and familiarity of your own home. Through personalized care and improved client education (espcially when it comes to the use of devices like an invisible fence collar), my services will allow me to place more emphasis on you and your family’s well being than on a pre-set quota for a financial statement.

It is my promise to you that we will create and maintain the highest standard of animal care through open communication lines and a strong Veterinarian - Guardian - Companion Animal Relationship. Your valued input as a companion animal guardian will always be considered and incorporated into my practice.

With my new service, I am able to provide all routine care such as: annual comprehensive exams, vaccinations, monitoring laboratory blood levels, microchip implantation, minor surgery, puppy and kitten packages, senior health packages, parasite detection, pedicures and gland expressions. Common ailments like itchy skin, ear and eye infections, arthritis and diabetes can all be managed successfully at home with prescription medications and over the counter supplements in which I can suggest.

Other services available include assisting with international travel documents and health certificates, nutritional and behavioral counseling and allergy testing. I can also provide tips and help on training with an invisible fence. Determined by the demand, many prescription medications will be available at extremely competitive prices.

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